Advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium battery



  In nature,lithium is the lightest,smallest metal.Its chemical nature is very active,it is easy to lose electrons to be oxidized to Li+,and the electrochemical equivalent is the smallest.These characteristics determine that it is a material with very high specific energy.The ternary lithium battery refers to a lithium secondary battery using three kinds of transition metal oxides of nickel,cobalt and manganese as a positive electrode material.

  Advantages:High voltage platform with high energy density.The voltage platform is an important indicator to measure the energy density of lithium-ion batteries.It determines the basic performance of the battery and the cost-voltage platform is an important indicator of the energy density of the battery.Therefore,it is of great significance for the selection of battery materials.The higher the voltage platform,the larger the specific capacity.Compared with the same volume,weight,and even the same battery,the ternary lithium battery pack with a higher voltage platform has a longer range.The voltage platform of the ternary lithium battery is significantly higher than lithium iron phosphate,the high line can reach 4.2 volts,and the discharge platform can reach 3.6 or 3.7 volts.

  Disadvantages:poor security.The ternary power lithium battery mainly contains a nickel-cobalt lithium aluminate battery,a nickel-cobalt-manganese lithium battery,and the like,wherein the nickel content is high.Due to the unstable high-temperature structure of nickel-cobalt-aluminum,the poor stability results in poor high-temperature safety,and the pH value is too high to cause the monomer to swell and cause danger.

  Ternary lithium battery

  The cycle number of the ternary lithium battery is between 500 and 800,and the cycle time is about 2000 times compared with the lithium iron phosphate cycle.The life is relatively short.Since 2014,the ternary power battery has been continuously improved in various aspects,and the number of cycles has been increasing.At present,the cost can be increased by 1500 times.Although not as good as lithium iron phosphate batteries,it is also making progress.In addition to these two,it also has poor high temperature resistance,and the elements are toxic(the temperature of the ternary lithium battery is sharply increased after charging and discharging at high power,and the oxygen released after high temperature is extremely easy to burn).